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 PGF's professional logistics company and the legally qualified Flexitank recycling company will provide you with the following comprehensive services:
  A  Inspection and preparation of containers.     
  B  Liquid cargo transportation and product liability insurance.
  C  Flexitank installation, filling and guidance.
  D  Marine freighter transportation and transshipment services.
  E  Inland trucking and door-to-door transportation services             
  F  Unloading, emergency handling and guidance of Flexitank
    G  Customs declaration, inspection and inspection   
  H  Demolition, recycling and recycling of Flexitank.
  PGF has a global warehousing service network. Service organizations all over the world, to provide convenient and efficient services to customers around the world, and wholeheartedly to improve efficiency for you.
  PGF will select the optimal transportation plan for your analysis, optimize the route, reduce the transportation cost per unit, and coordinate all transportation from origin to destination. Our extensive service network and agency will provide you with a full range of marketing services.
  PGF has long-term cooperation with major shipping companies across the country and has a good relationship. We can provide you with various domestic and international transportation agency services. Our partners have a large fleet of bulk liquid chemicals, with routes to Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, the Indian Ocean and other places, with a total annual volume of more than 2 million tons. It is mainly engaged in the transportation of liquid cargo on ocean-going international routes and domestic coastal routes. Our company undertakes goods that cannot be loaded by other small liquid filling tanks, convenient for customers with large transportation volume to engage in domestic and overseas trade.